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Stuf 1.51

Stuf 1.51

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Stuf Publisher's Description

Stuf is the brand new product from The Escapers, after a free public beta period under the code name "Shadow", Stuf is a clipboard manager designed for power users and creative professionals. Stuf runs in the background on your Mac watching your clipboard, when it changes, the contents are stored and can then be restored at any time. This means that you can copy text, pictures, and just about anything else and have those clipping silently stored by Stuf ready for use at any other time.

If you find yourself with many clippings that you use very frequently, you can create a new clipboard and drag and drop the clippings into the new clipboard. This means that you can sort all your clippings into categories which suit the way you work. If you want, you can give each clipping a name, so if you have complex text clippings in your favourite programming language, you can give them titles such as "Code for accessing MySQL database", or "Convert JPG to PNG", so you don't have to read the code to work out what it does.

However, if you do want to read the code or look at clippings in greater detail, Stuf supports QuickLook on Leopard machines so you just need to select a clipping and hit space to view it in all it's glory.

Networking built-in

If you work with more than one Mac, or in a group, you can also share your clipboards over your local network, each clipboard can be enabled or disabled for sharing, and you can even set a password if you want to allow some users access but not others. Stuf uses multiple processes and multi-threading, to make best use of today's multi-processor Macs, it also means that other users viewing your clipboards won't slow you down. Each user sharing clipboards will appear on other machines along with their user picture, and name. Remote clipboards work just like the ones on your own machine, you can still use QuickLook and other cool features.

Search everything

Stuf builds in a quick and simple search function, which searches all your clipboards and remote clipboards too! Just type in a word, hit enter and all clippings, on all machines running Stuf and return a list of all clippings containing that word, along with the familiar Stuf previews. If you see the clipping you want, you can can restore it to your clipboard, or drag a remote clipping into one of your own clipboards for later use.

Quick & easy

Stuf also provides an icon on your menu bar, alongside standard Mac utilities like Spotlight or Time Machine, this lets you access the core features of Stuf in an instant, and paste into any application just by choosing the item from the menu.

How to we license Stuf?

Stuf licensing is easy - take the number of users, or the number of Macs, whichever is lower, and that's the number of Stuf licences you need. So if you're lucky enough to own a few Macs, but they're only used by you, then you only need one licence. However, if you work at company with multiple Macs and multiple users, you'll need a licence for each Mac or each user, whichever is the smaller number.

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